Summer Camp 2020

6 Yard Summer Camp located at The Zone, Amman’s premier outdoor sports entertainment facilities, is where entertainment and education meet! For children ages 4-16 partaking in a wide range of activities to enhance their technical, physical, and mental development.

With 20+ different activities from football classes to horseback riding, your child or teen will enjoy a 2-week session at our Summer Camp.


6 Yard
Entertainment Complex,
93 Mufleh Al-Ajarmeh Str,
Amman, Jordan
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Summer Camp Hours

SundayThursday 09:00 A.M. – 02:00 P.M.
Saturday (optional Family Day) 11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.



Our principal languages of instruction are Arabic and English. Activities on-site include football (classic & bubble), Bootcamp (laser tag, & paintball), volleyball, cooking, art, sports medicine, and dancing classes (Zumba & Dabke). We also have weekly field trips for off-site activities like basketball, horseback riding, climbing, trampoline, karting, and gardening. On the last Saturday morning of the session, parents are invited to attend camp with their children for the Parent-Child Tournament and activities day.

MEALS (Optional)

One of the core values we hope to promote and develop is healthy living. Because of this, we are placing a high importance on the meals and have worked with a certified nutritionist to design a specific meal plan for each age group at the Summer Camp.

The meal plan, which includes a hot lunch, is based on the calorie requirements of each age group and will ensure that all the children receive a healthy, balanced diet during their time at the Summer Camp which will in turn energize them and add more value to the activities they are performing.


To make your life, as the parent, as easy as possible, we also offer optional door-to-door transportation (40 JD/week), laundry services (5 JD/week), and lunch once a day (70JD/session) or (10JD/day).


The Zone complex (where 6 Yard is located) is extremely secure and safe. On-site, we have cameras that you, as the parent/guardian, can access at any time using an app (password restricted) on your mobile phone. A trained medic and security guards will be present at all hours during the Summer Camp. Children will not be allowed to leave the premises unless their pre-approved parent or guardian pick them up. Written permission and a phone call is required for the child to leave with someone other than the pre-approved parent or guardian. During off-site activities, children will be accompanied at all times by trained staff.


The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp. We have taken all precautionary measures to keep our campers safe during those unprecedented times. We will be sanitizing our center on an hourly basis (light cleaning) and will give disposable gloves and slippers along with instructions for our campers to keep washing their hands.

We avoid the use of disinfectants on objects that may go in the mouth, such as toys for young children. High touch surfaces including toilets, showers, and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected more than three times a day. Eye protection, disposable gloves, and gowns/aprons are worn for all tasks in the cleaning process, including handling trash.

We will be using one or more active ingredients (listed below) in our cleaning process (deep cleaning after hours). Please advise if your children are allergic to any:

Hydrogen peroxide, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Ethyl alcohol (also called ethanol), Isopropyl alcohol (70%), and Hypochlorous acid.

Outside doors and windows will be opened to allow air circulation in the areas.


Football Football is the main focus of our Summer Camp. We offer daily age appropriate football training sessions by accredited football coaches on our FIFA certified fields. The trainings ensure that all children will participate in fun and challenging activities that will further develop their football skills. Other football related games include bubble football and soap football. Trainings are held Sunday through Thursday during the 2 week sessions, with matches held on Saturdays.
BasketballChildren will participate in basketball training that will further their coordination, team work and communication skills with this high-intensity sport that will keep players constantly engaged.
VolleyballVolleyball is a fun, lower-intensity sport that will expose your child to different physical requirements such as jumping, diving and time-awareness.
ArtThe greatest performers are often those who can find ways to express their inner thoughts. The introduction to art classes will help our younger campers (ages 5-12) to develop their creativity through new drawing, painting and clay modeling techniques.
TrampolineChildren will have a specialized trampoline class at Gravity with professional instructors taking them through a variety of trampoline courses, games and activities.
CookingAll lunchtime meals are of the highest quality and are provided at our on-site restaurant. Children will take part in the mealtime preparation with our experienced chef and will be taught about the benefits of following a healthy diet.
Riding school
Riding schoolChildren will have a horseback riding class at Nadi Al Jawad Al Arabi, which will not only teach them the basics of riding, but also about horse care from feeding to medical attention.
LanguageAs Spanish is one of the main languages used in football, our camp offers an introduction to beginner’s Spanish. Your child will have 4 hours of Spanish classes per session with professional language teachers. Children will also practice their newly acquired language skills with fun games.
Sports Medicine
Sports MedicineOur experienced on-site medic will teach all children the basics of sports medicine, including how to prevent common sports-related injuries and how to properly treat them.
Karting school
Karting schoolChildren ages 5 and up will receive the basics about being a pilot, from driving safety to proper car maintenance at Speed Center circuit.
BootcampChildren will enjoy a variety of fun on-site activities for more opportunities to team build and hone their skills at our Boot Camp which includes laser tag, archery, paintball, jiujitsu and rock climbing.
Ball school
Ball schoolDeveloped by Professor Klaus Roth, Institute of Sports and Sports Science at Heidelberg University, Germany, ball school focuses on introducing children to the world of ball games as well as concentrating on the positive influence on general motor skills, the state of health, and children’s cognitive and psycho-social development (PDF with link).


Dana Abu Lafi
Dana Abu Lafi - Head of CampsDana is passionate about teaching Languages and exploring new cultures; she has always been around young children through her working experience and is excited to be with both the staff and campers again for her 4th summer at 6 Yard. She believes that camp is a fantastic environment for encouraging growth and development – as well as having a great time! Currently studying for a master’s degree in “FLE- FLS- FOS” in educational and entrepreneurial environments at the University of Artois.
Nora Qarrash
Nora Qarrash - Operations & Fitness ManagerNora is the Fitness Manager at 6 Yard with 10 years of experience as a Head Coach in Jordan and GCC. She holds a BSc in Physical Education, achieved the “First Step to Leadership” Certification, “Leading in Excellence Program” Certification and AED American Heart Association Certification.
Natalie Al Saeed
Natali Saeed - Football Coach and SupervisorNatalie is Studying Physical Education at the University of Jordan. She has been a member of our summer camp team for the past 4 years. A football and Fitness Coach at 6 Yard Academy. Natalie is a Former player at Amman Football Club and Al Istiklal Club and currently she is a player at Orthodox Club. She achieved Real Madid Clinic Certificate, 2018
Tareq Al Mahaseri
Tareq SaadehTareq is an “A” licensed football coach and a former player in Al-Wehdat Club. He has more than 9 years of experience and loves to always learn more. He is really close to the children and always enjoys giving them important tips about the game. In order for Coach Tareq to pursue his job more professionally, he also became a fitness instructor. Coach Tareq believes that kids should always explore their talents and it is our role to provide them with the best environment to make them succeed.
Rouz Fraij
Rouzbahan Freij - Supervisor & Sports InstructorRouzbahan is a Jordan Women’s Football National Team player who played for Shabab Al Ordun Club for 4 years and is currently playing for Al Ahli Club. Rouzbahan is a Marketing Coordinator and Sports Development Officer at 6 Yard and is an undergraduate at Soas University of London. Rouzbahan is a coach at 6 Yard for the youth, she chose to coach them because they are the future.
Lina Al Saheb
Lina Al Saheb - Supervisor & Sports CoachLina is a young professional Women’s National Team Football player, a Sports Development Officer, and an HR Assistant who holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences from the German Jordanian University. Lina is a coach in 6 Yard Academy, and she believes that it is important for kids to nurture their talents from a really young age. Lina is the biggest Neymar fan and dreams of meeting him one day!
Jamal Lahham
Jamal Lahham - Football Coach & SupervisorJamal is a Young football coach who is really passionate about the game. He spends the day either coaching, watching or analyzing football. Holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and AFC Coaching certificates. Jamal has good experience in working with different age groups and coaching education.
Mohammad Mwafi
Mohammad Mwafi - Customer ServiceMohammad is a friendly member of our team and is dedicated to our cleints satisfaction
Najd Hijazi - Visual Designer & Photographer
Najd Hijazi - Visual Designer & PhotographerNajd is our creative designer and a great photographer which creates lasting memories through his incrdible photos.
AbdelRazik - Customer RelationsAbdelraziq is a great support to the team and clients with 5 years experience in the entertainment business
Natasha Al Naber
Natasha Al Naber - Quality Assurance Natasha is responsible for quality management and ensures that the service is defined by a set of quality criteria and meets the requirements/needs of our clients.
Zaid Shapsough - Supervisor & Sports Instructor
Zaid Shapsough - Supervisor & Sports InstructorZaid is an experienced Coach and passionate about learning new sports. He is studying HRM at Luminous Technical University. With more than 4 years of experience as a Sports; Laser Tag, Paintball and jujutsu Instructor.


1 May 30 – June 10
2 June 13 – June 24
3 June 27 – July 8


July 11 – July 15

July 18 – July 22 (Eid Al Adha Holidays – Off)

July 25 – July 29

5 August 1 – August 12
6 August 15 – August 26


1 session 249 JD* (early bird discount until 15 May)
299 JD* (sign-up fee 16 May onward)
2 sessions 5%
3 sessions 7%
4 sessions 10%
Entire Summer (6 sessions) 20%
Sibling(s) 5%
1 session 169 JD* (early bird discount until 15 May)

199 JD* (sign-up fee 20 May onward)

2 sessions 5%
3 sessions 7%
4 sessions 10%
Entire Summer (6 sessions) 20%
Sibling(s) 5%

* +7% Sales Tax+ one-time 35 JD welcome pack & administration fee (Two Uniforms, Slipper, Joker Card, Cap, Water bottle, Camper file, Performance report card, Certificates… etc.)


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