Premier football facilities, state of the art FIFA certified pitches ready to be utilized as a football academy

6 yard academy

What is
6 Yard Academy

Since its establishment, 6 Yard Academy has been providing football coaching for players in different ages, both boys and girls, throughout Jordan, facilitating their abilities to learn under the guidance of a professional and certified coaching staff to make sure all footballers reach their full potential and increase their love for the game.


We believe football is more than a game; it is an educational experience for young athletes, learning lessons they will take with them throughout life. We work with players on both their character and life skills, which go hand-in-hand with their performance as football players.

How is 6 Yard

pursuing its vision?


We believe in a healthy competitive atmosphere, and we implement this idea by helping our young athletes understand each other and respect the different abilities of each player.


6 Yard is developing a network of partnerships with local, regional and international football academies in order to provide games for football teams to compete against other national and international teams or soccer academies.


6 Yard focuses on partnering with parents and using football as a way to teach educational values and other life skills to the young players.


We help develop positive relationships between the players and provide a suitable environment to promote eagerness to learn and have fun at the same time.


We extend the potential to scout talented young players and introduce them to the professional environment through our mutual events with Real Madrid Football Clinic.


We do not build only footballer; we build athletes. Climbing, Gym, Swimming and Martial Arts are all part of our academy courses to reach the optimal athletic level.


Safety and Security

6 Yard is extremely secure and safe. On-site, we have cameras that you, as the parent/guardian, can access at any time using an app (password restricted) on your mobile phone. A trained medic and security guards will be present at all hours during the training hours. Children will not be allowed to leave the premises unless their pre-approved parent or guardian pick them up. Written permission and a phone call is required for the child to leave with someone other than the pre-approved parent or guardian....


To keep parents comfortable during Amman rush hours, we provide transportation services during weekdays; from/to your door steps (30 JoDs/wk) or assembly point pick up ( 15 JoDs/wk).

6 Yard Academy Prices and Discounts

One time 35 JoDs welcome pack & administration fee (uniform, water bottle, administration… etc.) Joining the 6 Yard family will access you further discounts in our Summer Camps and all events under the umbrella of 6 Yard.

Scheduled Courses

  • 1st week: Basic Technical Skills
  • 2nd week: Basic Tactical Skills
  • 3rd  week: Intermediate Technical Skills
  • 4th week: Intermediate Tactical Skills
  • 5th week: Previous Month Revision
  • 6th week: Free Mix of Trainings
  • 7th week: Advanced Technical Skills
  • 8th week: Advanced Tactical Skills/ Team Building

Airport Road, Amman 112

If you are interested in signing up your child, please fill the following form or contact us on +962(0)79 66 66 278 or send an email at

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